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Short video of Tinsley House blockade

Stop Deportation | 21.03.2009 14:38 | Migration | South Coast

This is a short video of the Tinsley House blockade on 17th March 2009. It only shows the first hour or so of the action as the other tapes, along with camera, were confiscated by the police when the person filming was arrested. This tape, which only had about 10 minutes of footage, was 'smuggled' out of the police cordon before it kicked off to get it to journalists who were stuck down the road. Some of the footage was used by the BBC South East in their South East Today report - of course, without crediting us or mentioning that they were not allowed to film the protest.

The BBC South East report, in which some of our smuggled footage was used, seems to have 'disappeared' from the BBC website. The same footage, however, was used the following day in another BBC report about the opening of Brook House, a new detention centre adjacent to Tinsley House, in which the Tinsley action gets a mention.

Stop Deportation