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Fur Demo's in Bristol

VegAnarchist | 16.03.2009 22:44 | Animal Liberation

Demo's continue against The Cruise in Cabot Circus (shopping center)- the cruise are a chain of shops with 21 outlets in the UK. The Bristol store itself dosent sell fur at the moment but other Cruise stores do.
Please send polite letters of complaint to:

Cruise Head Office
180 Ingram Street
G1 1DN
and find your local store to demo here -

Saturday the 7th saw another demo at the cruise in Cabot Circus. The security were being quite friendly but the copper who turned up lost the plot! He told us we were trespassing on private property - we told him we didn't care. He told us that we were committing breach of the peace, we told him we weren't and had been talking to our lawyers about it. He insisted that we were breaking the law and we would be nicked if we didn't move. We told him we were here for the animals that get abused, tortured and murdered for the fur trade and we were prepared to get nicked. (Probably) Realising that we knew more about the law than he did instead of nicking us he nicked our banners and leaflets! We decided to stay and shout about the fur trade and petition passers by ( the cop didn’t nick our petitions) More cops and security turned up and eventually carried two activists out of the shopping centre.

We got our stuff back of the copper after the demo - he insisted he was a reasonable man - we told him he wasn't and as a copper he shouldn't steal peoples things.

Then last sataday we returned with more people and a megaphone - we were peacefully leafletting outside the Cruise and were again caried off by security.

The rest of the day was spent by activists entering the shopping center from various different entrences in a attempt to protest outside the Cruise. One young lad was carried out of the shopping center 7 times! Several activists managed to get into the shop and leaflet the customers before being carried out!

The center manager has so far refused to issue a fur free statement that will cover the whole of Cabot Circus and will not allow us to protest at Cabot Circus although we are in the proces of talking to him.
Weekly demo's will now comence - get in touch for more info.
here are some vids of the demo's -
more info on fur -

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Nice one

17.03.2009 09:47

Nice one, keep it up! :)

Ms Anne Thropy