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more lawlessness in parliament square

rikki | 11.03.2009 18:29 | SOCPA | Repression

police criminally damaged a megaphone and assaulted a protester in parliament square this morning - there were no arrests

barbara holding the damaged megaphone
barbara holding the damaged megaphone

the ripped megaphone
the ripped megaphone

last week, brian haw was assaulted by a council worker who was putting up barriers in parliament square. police then violently arrested brian (whose hand was wounded), and held him for six hours. he was eventually allowed to go to hospital. no statement was taken from him. full story at

this morning, barbara tucker was using her megaphone as ministers and politicians arrived for prime minister's questions. around 20 police patrolled the barriers in front of the peace campaign. several of them surrounded barbara and threatened arrest under socpa.

she showed them the crown prosecution document that blows socpa out of the water (see and they threatened her with public order instead.

but then rather than use any lawful means, they simply used brute force, and tore the megaphone from her, causing damage to it, and assaulting her in the process. no arrest was made.

this is called summary justice i believe, and there is no place for it on uk streets.

incidentally, police have stolen one megaphone, and destroyed another before today.

oh, and three cases against brian's use of a megaphone have all previously been dismissed in court.

with no law on their side, the authorities resort to violence and thuggery.

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