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Movement @gainst Militarisation

@nti Militarist | 11.03.2009 15:57 | University Occupations for Gaza | Anti-militarism | World

We aim to build a non heirarchial,libertarian,secular anti militarist movement

As we have witnessed over the past two days in Luton and Watford,the state mercenaries returning from killing sprees and protecting global capitalisim over true democracy have been marching through our towns. We only have to look around us to see mass unemployment looming that the state are trying to turn these parades into recruting grounds and to stir up religious,racial hatred.After all the british empire is based on divide and rule. We were at Watford today,admittedly in small numbers and as usual the mainstream media failed to acknowledge our presence. True there were a few hundred supporters who turned out,the elderly,who are so patriotic to the same government who treats them like shit thieving thier real pension money and giving them a pittance to survive on,thier grandchildren,who know no better and unemployed youth,bored out of thier minds,ripe to be recruited as heros. What we didn`t see over these last two days were the walking injured,who`s young lives have been castrated,as well as the dead. As the governments propaganda machine gets into gear,it`s our democratic right to protest against this unjust occupation. How long before they set thier mercenaries onto protestors in this country. Contact us at
We appricate additions and will turn out at every propaganda exercise from the government.Let`s not let any more young lives be wasted.
Solidarity to all university and anti militarist occupations.
Peace & Love.

@nti Militarist
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