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Open Meeting at Platt Chapel Community Centre Thursday 12th March 7pm

Chapel Giraffe | 11.03.2009 12:01 | Free Spaces

Before the opening of Platt Chapel Community and Social Centre next weekend (20-22nd March) we are holding an open meeting for anyone or group who wants to get involved in any way. The meeting will be an opportunity to suggest ideas for the use of the space, be introduced to others involved in different projects, and hear potential plans of the organisers of this new and exciting social centre.

In January, a group like-minded people took over the lease of the Platt Fields Chapel (formerly the Photographic Society) on the edge of Platt Fields Park on Wilmslow Road to use as a social space for building a strong base for the active arts and local community groups. The aims of the organisers include:

To enable greater access to all forms of the performing arts by
providing an open arts venue which will be open and free for all to use

To provide opportunities to learn and develop skills by providing art
and cultural workshop programmes. All programmes will be open and free
to members of the general public.

To increase access to art by providing a community art gallery and
exhibitions of local and international artists. All exhibitions will
be open and free of charge to members of the general public.

To support local and grassroots campaigns; and to act as a facilitator
of social change by promoting a range of activities, such as film &
music nights, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, markets, actions and
by providing healthy affordable food.

We wish to facilitate all sorts for the residents of the surrounding area, the active arts community and them that are. We are open (when we open) to all irrespective of age, race or creed, to promote equality and improve the quality of life.

So if anyone is interested in contributing or using the space, for any means, eg. art, drama, music; or discussion, environmental, sporting, political, religious, spiritual or educational groups then come along to the meeting this Thursday. All suggestions are welcome.

Platt Fields Chapel
Wilmslow Road (next to Manchester High School on the edge of Platt Fields park)

Contact details:
Rick Sims : 07891095245
Ben Cheetham : 07846894351

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