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French police attack on refugees affects Portsmouth children

bbc unspun | 09.03.2009 21:45 | Health | Migration | Repression | South Coast

Tear gas sprayed on refugees in a truck in France has ended up harming children in Portsmouth when they played on a new slide which had been in the truck that was sprayed with the tear gas.

Part of a park in Portsmouth has been closed off after children came into contact with a chemical on a slide.

The two boys, aged nine and 12, were playing in Victoria Park when their eyes started streaming on Sunday.

It is thought the chemical came into contact with the slide before it was transported to England.

Suspected illegal immigrants were found hiding inside the slide while it was in Calais, France, and tear gas may have been used to remove them.

bbc unspun


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  1. No one is illegal — One ( of no borders)