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Update on Shell's plans in Mayo, Ireland & how you can help

Update on Shell's plans in Mayo, Ireland & how you can help | 04.03.2009 21:26 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Ocean Defence | World

Shell will attempt to lay the offshore pipe this Spring and preparation work both on land and at sea is due to start in the next few weeks. We are determined to stop this and so people are needed from mid-March - May. We expect Shell to begin putting up security fences and building the compound very soon, possibly in the next weeks...

The Rossport Solidarity Camp always welcomes committed & motivated people to get more involved in the campaign, whatever your experience or skills.
Come over & help out with actions, support, housekeeping, equipment maintenance, PR, office work, media work, gardening etc

Please consider doing one of the following:
•Come visit Mayo:
You would be more than welcome to stay at the camp. Find directions here:
There are jobs for everyone to do from making banners, doing actions or starting this year’s garden. There really was a good vibe at the camp last autumn and we’re hoping for more of the same this time round. Contact the camp if you’re coming or if you have any questions.

•Take action at Home
There’s a load than can be done from wherever you are. See for some suggestions.
solidarity actions, do info stalls, show the campaign film, donate to the campaign, think of ideas for actions, put on a fundraiser...
If you are interested in helping to do research work about the new onshore pipeline application please email us.

Winter update
During the winter many court cases have been proceeding against those who object locally, for a variety of charges, from traffic offences, public order breaches to Garda assaults. It goes without saying that no Gardai have been prosecuted for their vicious assaults to date. While some fines and suspended sentences have been handed down, and Gardai have perjured themselves on the stand and the judges have lapped it up, no one has been found guilty of Garda assault to date (some cases had to be appealed to secure this). There are still many Shell to Sea cases before the courts, from local people refusing to bend to the corrupt will of Shell and the state. They need help to continue resisting!

Shell have recently put in planning applications for the onshore section of the pipeline which can be seen here

The economic situation has utterly changed and most people in the country are seriously questioning corporate power and government subservience to that power. Recently even the Gardaí took to the streets to oppose government policy (and no one threw them off the road!!!).
We are in a lot more favourable times to try to get our message and points across than this time last year. But it will take lots of hard work, so we need your help.

For travel directions, leaflets, more info about the campaign pls check out

Camp phone: 0851141170 (00353 851141170 from abroad)

get on our call out list:

Update on Shell's plans in Mayo, Ireland & how you can help
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