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"Move or the baby gets it", police lies at Plane Stupid action in Scotland

ACAB | 03.03.2009 19:13 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Repression | World

After almost six hours the Plane Stupid Scotland's action at Aberdeen airport ended with the protesters voluntarily unlocking themselves from their blockade. The eleven people, including local residents that this morning breached the airport fence have now been arrested. The protesters were told by police to dismantle their peaceful protest because the taxiway they were secured to was needed by an emergency helicopter. A baby apparently required urgent treatment, and any other approach would cause delays. Obviously the safety of the public was of paramount concern to the activists and so they duly removed themselves....

Plane Stupid has subsequently spoken to both the Accident and Emergency unit of Aberdeen hospital, and its press department. They were unaware of any transfers requested by air this morning. Not only that, but spokesperson Lesley Middleton said:

"We have our own helipad which we use in emergencies. Of course you can't anticipate what may happen, but in all my years of working here I can't think of a time when we've used Aberdeen airport. The only circumstances I can imagine where we'd need to get access to the area would be if there was an accident at the airport."

The protesters are now looking into the conduct of the police and are considering making a complaint.

Plane Stupid Scotland has, during the last week of National Planning Framework consultation, effectively shed light on the illogical expansion plans. At a time of economic recession and looming climate crisis Scotland has the opportunity to be at the forefront of a secure and sustainable future and to take a strong position to tackle climate change. They also linked the plans for airport expansion with the current development's of Donald Trump's Golf Course in Aberdeenshire.

Katie Morrison, from the group Plane Stupid Scotland said:

"It is unnecessary to expand Aberdeen airport as 58% of flights are domestic and could be replaced with high speed rail link. We ask that the government stop playing around with big business and start winning the race against runaway climate change. Trump's golf course and our governments planned expansion will concrete over Scottish democracy."

The activists were in high spirits as they removed themselves from the airport but general feeling was of annoyance at the underhanded tactics used by the police which lured the protesters in and took advantage of their caring nature.

The activists are currently being held in custody in Inverurie and are being charged with breach of the peace. It is likely that they will be appearing in court tomorrow morning, all support is welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

We will inform you of any updates as they happen. Good work Plane Stupid Scotland, time to celebrate another successful action.



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Update: Statement from the cops

03.03.2009 21:24

Bibi what's-her-name from the Guardian is reporting that the police have said they didn't lie.

ok then

Seen it before

04.03.2009 01:13

The police ALWAYS do this. They get an ambulance to go through a blocade, or say that someone needs to get the hospital so stop the demo. It's probably ALWAYS a lie. Us Brits are just too polite and easy to fool. Nothing you can do about it.

Mr Piggy