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10 Steps to closing down a democracy - Step 1 : Facism

Padme | 03.03.2009 06:13 | Anti-racism | Terror War

Psychological Torture Tactics upon writers and artists freedom of expression raises questions about the level of racist tactics that are deliberately implemented to maintain a culture of fear.

10 steps to closing down a democracy

A racist hatred campaign that has continued for nearly 18 months , is finally being acknowledged by security forces within the UK. A number of political and creative group of writers have been targeted by a network of racists and have been subject to a series of psychologically abusive and in some cases life threatening attacks, in order to intimidate and maintain a consciousness of fear around their daily lives.

It seems that the individuals being targeted are predominantly from ethnic backgrounds and have become intentionally isolated through psychological warfare over a period of 12 - 24 months . One of the writers shares their experiences: “ The psychological abuse tactic are spiralling out of control , my day to day life is bombarded by people that seem to be interested in creating as much disharmony and psychological unrest as possible. With behaviours ranging from general verbal abuse to disclosure of personal information, such as private emails , telephone conversations and even bank account details. A number of times my life has been threatened by complete strangers standing outside the window of my home and in cars passing by.”

As of yet , due to the spontaneity and frequency of the attacks , these incidents have not been acknowledged by the authorities which as left the affected individuals with no support or method to resolve the attacks. Another writer shares their story: “ I was under the impression that there would be some human rights intervention procedures for these incidents that have left me homeless, jobless with blatant attempts to keep me living constantly in a state of fear and depression. But as of yet there has been no support or way of resolving the situation and the abuse has become a part of my daily life. As a writer it is important for me to affirm my right as a human being to express ideas and insights in a democratic and civilised manner and my life has been sabotaged by these people for their own racist insecurities.” Another writer report that for nearly 4 years , this story has continued to increase in intensity , with reported incidents of being followed, emails tracked, conversations about personal information being discussed by complete strangers on the street and threats to their lives.

These incidents raise many questions about the current state of the human rights laws within the UK and whether there are any intervention procedures for these individuals to reclaim their lives. The present situation suggests that these character assinations are strategically assigned to close down the democratic process of free speech , particularly of those from ethnic and Muslim backgrounds. Many of these people have had to accept that they are being tracked , verbally abused and discriminated against as a part of their skin colour or religion and continue to live with their stories untold.