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National demo in Manc'r Wed 4th. Oppose Gaza war. Support student occupations.

Manchester University Occupation | 28.02.2009 23:28 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine

Students from the University of Manchester have been in occupation in protest over the war on Gaza since the 4th February. This Wednesday 4th March will mark one month in occupation. We are calling a national demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinians and student occupiers, for Wednesday 4th March.

Wednesday 4th March
Outside the University of Manchester Students' Union
Oxford Road,

Over 3 weeks in the Simon Building, nestled in the heart of the student campus, students have peacefully occupied a room turning it into a centre of innovative ideas, a factory of banner making and human unity. We have had two EGMs, attracting over a thousand people, a rally with acclaimed hiphop artist Lowkey, academics from Chomsky to Israeli lecturers expressing solidarity, radio interviews, students scaling gates, US band Flobots visiting, other universities entering occupation as a result of ours, unprecedented support from trade unions, road blocks, vigils, staff and security guards siding with us, ignited other protests including the 'removal' of DTSL (arms trade researcher) recruitment stall and now, as we throw our hardest but by no means last punch, we organise a National Demonstration to demand our Vice-Chancellor listen to us.

Despite one month in occupation, Alan Gilbert, our vice chancellor, has so far refused to even consider our demands. This national demonstration aims not only to put pressure on Gilbert, but also to highlight the remarkable mobilisiation of student solidarity with the Palestinians seen on campuses across the country over the past month.

We encourage anyone, from anywhere in the country, to come to Manchester for the day to join us. For more info visit or email

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