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Video: Shac City Shakedown 27 February 2009 - City of London

Sandokai | 28.02.2009 18:13 | Animal Liberation

Friday saw a huge success for Animal Rights Activists as over 300 people turned out for the SHAC city Shakedown. A protest directed at the financial shareholders of HLS

Around 300 people traveled from around the country (and some from around the world!) to gather by the Bank of England, the only bank in the world to give HLS banking facilities at the behest of the Government for a loud and vibrant demonstration against the financial supporters of HLS in the centre of London.

The march aimed to publicly show the financial investors, or even prospective investors, that we won’t tolerate puppies being thrown around, monkeys being cut open alive and other innocent animals suffering in silence. Of our anger, passion, focus and determination to carry on the fight despite repressive laws and long jail sentences that some SHAC campaigners have received.

The march started off in front of the Bank of England with 20 or so journalists and photographers who followed the protest march around a circular route of 2 miles around the city's financial district.

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