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SHAC shake the City - Almost 100

WWW.SHAC .NET | 27.02.2009 15:17 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Despite all the recent represion almost 100 angry AR activists are telling the city that their grubby suport for HLS must end.

This is the best turnout SHAC have had since the trial that sent some of our members down for 50 years.




28.02.2009 05:10

The original poster is obviously shacwatch. On their blog they stated it would be a failure if Shac got less than 100, Shac had an impressive turnout of well over 300 so shacwatch had egg on face. What to do? Oh yeah do a really pathetic false flag post and claim to be a supporter and how great it was "SHAC got nearly a hundred"

Shacwatch - you really must try harder you think you are clever but you are an amateur at this game.