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Digger diving back in fashion! Work stopped at Shipley Open Cast Coal Mine Site

Barry | 26.02.2009 14:52 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

This morning a group of four ex-local residents, not affiliated with any particular group went digger diving at the Shipley Open Cast Coal Mine.

Work was stopped for one hour and a half. The protestors left when the police turned up.

The police entered into discussion with UK Coal about creating a more permenant space for people to protest at, the police suggested some kind of shelter. UK Coal declined, stating that they were worried the protestors would turn the shelter into a "concrete lock-on".

No arrests were made.



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Please resize your pics before publishing

26.02.2009 15:41

Max size is 550 pixels - it says so on the publish page.

And great action of course :)

One of Notts IMC

Leave it in the ground

11.03.2009 22:03

Well done Barry and your mates. Great to see resistance to this bloody ridiculous project is alive and well !!
Nature comes first !