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Creativity alive and well in Nottingham

Bill Posters | 26.02.2009 12:08 | Free Spaces

Here are a couple of examples of original and creative use of public space spotted around Nottingham in recent Months

The grim reaper on a tricycle was spotted in the autumn under the Queens Drive flyover. An honest message for drivers.

The spoof public urination places appeared in several places around the city, this one was on the edge of the market square. Below what looked like an official symbol designating the urinal was an explanatory letter on City Council letterhead, which read: -

In an attempt to reduce late night public nuisance during the holiday period, Nottingham City Council has designated several public urination areas across the city. These have been allocated to address the growing problem of householders having to clean up after late night revellers have used their font doors and walls for the purpose of urinating.
Nottingham city Council wishes to remind users that it is a criminal offence to urinate at this site before the hours of 7.30pm. Ant persons doing so will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
This urination area will be cleaned daily between the hours of 5.00 and 6.00am.
To report the improper use of this facility or if you have any other enquiries please contact Nottingham City Council on 0115 915 5555.

Now there are several issues that this spoof could be highlighting. One is that if the City council put as much effort into clearly signing the location of the ‘new’ market square toilets as they do into telling us how Proud they are then visitors may have a considerably more pleasant time in the City. But then again the Council does not want to encourage people to waste time using the loo (or visiting independent street traders) when they should be shopping in the big corporate stores.

Bill Posters