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Climate Camp launches Press Complaint over G20 article

camp for climate action | 24.02.2009 02:03 | G20 London Summit | Climate Chaos

Today, the Camp for Climate Action lodged a complaint with the Press
Complaints Commission (PCC) against the Evening Standard. The camp claims
the Standard's article regarding the April 1st event "Climate Camp in
London's Square mile", to be held during the G20, is misleading.

The February 20th article was written under the deceptive headline
"Anarchists plan City riots for G20 leaders' arrival in London," and
contained no evidence whatsoever that anyone was planning a riot. In
fact, the camp's website says "Bring a
pop-up tent if you've got one, sleeping bag, wind turbine, mobile
cinema, action plans and ideas...let's imagine another world."

The authors of the article, Robert Mendick and Nigel Rosser, have had
previous run-ins with the PCC and the Camp for Climate Action. Mr
Mendicks article "Militants will hit Heathrow" (13 August 2007) , was
judged "materially misleading" by the PCC, and an article by Mr Mendick
and Mr Rosser, "Eco-protesters target school run mothers" (31 March 2008)
has been retracted by the Evening Standard. [1]

"The Evening Standard is engaging in a campaign of misinformation and fear
against the Camp for Climate Action. We will not tolerate their smears,
especially in the run up to our April 1st, Climate Camp in the Square
Mile" said Alex Harvey, of the Camp for Climate Action Media team.

[1] The complaint, and background on the previous complaints can be found at:

camp for climate action
- Homepage: