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ITALY Terrorist Neofascist Roberto Fiore -

Johnny Partisan | 23.02.2009 19:46 | World

Extremist group calls for gypsy expulsions

Roberto Fiore
Roberto Fiore

An extreme right-wing organisation has taken to the streets of Rome calling for the expulsion of the entire Roma or gypsy population from Italy.

But there has been little public support for the Forza Nuova group which is pressing for the end of the Schengen agreement which allows passport- free travel in much of the EU.

Protest organiser Roberto Fiore said: “This is a situation that requires political will. We want to suspend the Schengen agreement, which is one of the main reasons for the disaster and we want to start all the expulsions of the gypsies and at the same time we think that all the people who have committed crimes in Italy. They should be sent back to their own countries.”

A series of sex attacks in Italy is being blamed on foreigners living in the country and three rapes last weekend triggered a media frenzy and a diplomatic row with Romania.

Italy’s conservative government rushed through a law toughening penalties for sex offenders and permitting neighbourhood citizen patrols.

The President of the Association of Romanians Living in Italy says the patrols should include Romanians.

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Johnny Partisan


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