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Upcoming action dates, activist gatherings, & the official meetings en route to

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Upcoming action dates, activist gatherings, & the official meetings en route to the Copenhagen climate summit

Compiled at the recent EF! Winter Moot:

21-22 February
No Borders UK gathering, Bristol

26 February 2009
Demonstrations at UK Coal Awards ( & at UK Coal HQ (

13-15 March 2009
EF! Treeplanting, Hebden Bridge
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13-15 March 2009
COP15 International Mobilisation Network meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark (

14-15 March
National squat meetup, Bristol

21-22 March 2009
Climate Camp Carbon Trading Education Weekend, London

21-22 March 2009
Direct Action training, 10am at Cowley Club, Brighton

1 April 2009 Fossil/Financial Fools Day
Climate Camp in the City, London (
G20 Meltdown at the Bank of England (
Fossil Fools' Day, everywhere (

2 April 2009
Demonstrations at G20 Summit, Excel Centre, Docklands, East London

3-5 April 2009
Demonstrations at NATO 60TH Anniversary Summit, Baden-Baden, Germany & Strasbourg, France

24 April 2009
Coal Caravan launch party, Sumac Centre Nottingham
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25 April – set off to Shipley Glen
27/28 April – cycle to Yorkshire
29 April – Fairbairn Ings
30 April - 2 May – cycle to North East
3 May – Anti-opencast workshops
4 May (Bank Holiday Monday) – Grand Finale

6-7 June 2009
National Anarchist Gathering, London

8-10 July 2009
Demonstrations at G8 Summit, La Maddalena, Italy

11-19 July 2009
Danish Climate Camp, near Copenhagen

3-8 August 2009
French Climate Camp, Nantes

3-9 August 2009
Dutch/Belgian Climate Camp

19-24 August 2009
Earth First! Summer Gathering

Summer 2009 (dates unconfirmed)
UK Camp for Climate Action - London (or nearby) convergence (

Summer 2009 (between mid-August & early September.)
Welsh Climate Camp

Summer 2009 (dates unconfirmed)
Irish Climate Camp

September 2009 (dates unconfirmed)
Possible COP15 International Mobilisation Network meeting

October 2009 (date unconfirmed)
Climate Justice Global Day of Action

7-18 December 2009
Demonstrations at COP15 Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark


'Official' meetings on the Road to Copenhagen:

31 March to 8 April 2009
First Post-Kyoto Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC Intercessional Meeting), Bonn, Germany
The first meeting on the “road to Copenhagen” and first international climate meeting for the Obama administration. Expected Outcome: Broad discussions on respective mitigation goals for developed and developing countries. However, it is unclear whether President Obama will have a climate negotiator and under secretary in place at this time so there will real "negotiating" at this meeting.

2 April 2009
G20 Meeting, London, England
This will likely be President Obama's first large-scale meeting with other world leaders. The agenda will likely look to tackle the financial crisis, but the G20 website mentions the need to "make progress on long-term issues such as climate change and international development." Expected Outcome: Develop a commitment that the global economic recovery will factor in carbon emissions.

24-26 May 2009
World Business Summit on Climate Change, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Copenhagen Climate Council is organizing the World Business Summit on Climate Change, which will bring together the business community, top scientists, economists and other leading thinkers. Expected Outcome: Issue recommendations for the next international global warming agreement.

1-12 June 2009
Second Post-Kyoto Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC Intercessional Meeting), Bonn, Germany
Draft negotiating text is expected to be issued before or during this meeting and will likely be very general with all the contentious items placed in brackets, but it will be the basis for actual negotiations. Expected Outcome: Draft negotiating text.

8-10 July 2009
G8 Summit, La Maddalena, Italy
The host, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, does not share the commitment to addressing climate change of previous G8 hosts. Addressing climate at this meeting will be critical for keeping momentum toward Copenhagen. Expected Outcome: G8 Agreement setting the stage for Copenhagen

31 August – 4 September 2009
World Climate Conference Three, Geneva, Switzerland
The World Climate Conferences (WCC) is the major "scientific" meeting for 2009 and is the third in a series of international meetings, organized by the World Meteorological Organization
about global climate issues. The second WCC in 1979 resulted in the creation of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Expected Outcome: Group will address climate prediction, disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change.

August 2009 (date not set)
Third Post-Kyoto Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC Intercessional Meeting), Bangkok, Thailand
This is the third meeting on the "road to Copenhagen" and, by this point, parities should have set their negotiating positions so the framework for the next international treaty can start to be crafted. Expected Outcome: Nation's set negotiating positions.

21-25 September 2009
United Nations General Assembly Climate Summit, Copenhagen
New York, New York - *UN Secretary General Bon Ki Moon has indicated that he plans to hold a special session with heads of state to address climate change. Expected Outcome: Indications of nation's negotiating position for

October 2009 (date not set)
Fourth Post-Kyoto Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC Intercessional Meeting/Minister's Meeting), Location to be determined
Expected Outcome: Final draft text agreed to. This is the final negotiating session before Copenhagen and may be attended only by environment ministers making it a closed door meeting designed to set the stage for COP 15.

7-18 December 2009
UNFCCC Conference of the Parties 15, Copenhagen, Denmark
If there is to be no gap between the Kyoto Protocol and a new agreement, a framework must be agreed to at this meeting. Expected Outcome: New international global warming treaty.

2010 (dates unconfirmed)
UNFCCC Conference of the Parties 16, Jamaica

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