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Celebrated Oud player Firas Jabloun to perform at Keep Gaza Alive

Dr Douglas Griffith | 19.02.2009 16:08 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Terror War | Cambridge

Internationally renowned Tunisian singer and Master Oud player, Firas Jabloun, has joined line up of musicians, singers, and poets for Keep Gaza Alive fundraiser

Details in brief:
Date: Saturday 21st February 2009
Time: 7- 10 pm
Location: St Andrew’s Hall Chesterton Cambridge

Cambridge Stop the War (CSTW) is holding a fundraising evening on Saturday 21st February in St Andrew’s Hall, Cambridge, with all proceeds going to Interpal and Medical Aid for Palestine, who are helping to relieve the horrific humanitarian crisis that has been forced upon the people of Gaza.

The evening will comprise of a delicious Middle Eastern-style buffet (meze) prepared by the Hanin Palestine Cafe, live music, including a performance by the Oud player, Firas Jabloun, poetry, and two short speeches, one on the current situation in Palestine, the other on CSTW activities. Tickets are priced at £10 unwaged and £15 waged. Children can attend for free. Tickets can be obtained by contacting us on 07921 724270 or at

Israel’s recent war on the people of Gaza has killed several hundreds, a large number of them children. Those who have survived are traumatised from the loss of loved ones. Sixty percent of the population is now living in poverty, thousands are malnourished, and more than a million are dependent on aid to survive.

Cambridge Stop the War is committed to helping the victims of Israeli aggression and occupation, and providing Cambridge residents with opportunities to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Dr Douglas Griffith
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