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Policewatch! | 18.02.2009 11:42 | Free Spaces | Repression | Terror War

On 16th February 2009 the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 comes into operation, which threatens to make it illegal to take a photo of a police officer, or to elicit information about them. So bang goes alerting people to cops spying on peaceful protestors, and bang, clunk go journalists investigating police corruption or malpractice. How? Fitwatch is launching a competition which will give a copy of the award-winning to the winner of each of three different categories: 1. Scary for the most shocking bit of police abuse recorded. Dixon of Dock Green it ain't! 2. Funny for the most piss-yourself classic copper moment. 3. Effective Did you make the police help you with your inquiries? - for the pictures which proved a case against the police or had most success in defending civil liberties (please tell us what it did).

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  1. Nice one — Marky b
  2. The best is yet to come.... — Watchy