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The True Face of alQaeda in Iraq

combat the lies | 18.02.2009 01:46 | Iraq | Terror War

The Terrorist Organization known as “alQaeda” has not mainly attacked oppressors or westerners, at least, not in Iraq. Instead of fighting the brutal US Occupation and enjoying the Safety guaranteed by the Iraqis who welcomed them first (when they thought they would help them), they seriously damaged the Iraqi Resistance and it’s image in the world.

Below you will find a short and incomplete list of their Crimes.
We ask on all Supporters of Iraq, Islam, Humanity and Resistance:
Boycott the Videos from “al Furqan Media” and the Group called “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI) and everything that is related to them!
Victory to the Iraqi Resistance!
The Truth has to be revealed.

“After a call from our supporters and brothers in Samarra and its various neighborhoods, mujahideen from the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) launched a blessing attack in the Samarra region and were able to free ten prisoners (the majority of whom were mujahideen and the others being innocent poor people). They had previously been taken captive by Al-Qaida after raids on their bases in the Shaykh Mohammed district south of Samarra.”

”They killed about 30 of our people, and we definitely don’t recognise their establishment of an Islamic state - we consider it invalid.”

“In reality, the people who were murdered and tortured were fighters from the 1920 Revolution Brigades: Omar Abdel Razaaq and his two friends. Omar was captured [by Al-Qaida] during the cease-fire and resulting peace talks that concluded with the February 4 joint agreement… After Al-Qaida promised not to cause any harm to Omar, his dead body was sent to his family… We wonder, does the Al-Qaida organization look down upon the sacrifices of others and choose only to glorify its own?”

The 1920 Revolution Brigades recently announced the death of its leader, Harith Dhahir Khamis al-Dari, nephew and namesake of Harith al-Dari, the exiled head of the Muslim Scholars Association.
„Our valiant leader, Harith Dhahir Khamis al-Dari, fell today immersed in his chaste blood during his battlefield jihad in Abu Ghraib sector. He was in charge of jihad and of fighting the enemy in that sector. He was targeted this morning in a treacherous ambush while returning to his house after inspecting one of the operations grounds.“[tt_news]=4073

“Al-Qaida did not exempt anyone in the battlefield from acts of retaliation, even their own Salafist brothers. Al-Qaida targeted them and killed many of their men while justifying its acts with endless excuses. (…)
Our first encounter with the Al-Qaida network was over two years ago in Ramadi, where the influence of Al-Qaida had grown in strength and size and they began to forbid other [insurgent] factions from operating there unless they first obtained Al-Qaida’s permission. (…)
The general public in Ramadi suffered a great deal because of their actions and every day they witnessed heads or headless bodies lying in their streets. Each one of these victims had been accused of a so-called ‘crime’ prohibited by Al-Qaida fatwahs. (…)
They decided to defend themselves and their children against unjust attacks by Al-Qaida. Al-Qaida significantly increased its kidnapping and torture activity in that area and it even launched rocket salvos on peaceful villages. In one incident, they launched several rockets during Friday prayers and the only people they killed were women and children, because all the men were in the mosque. (…)
Now, the role of Al-Qaida in sabotaging Iraq can be revealed (…)
We want to inform you that the Al-Qaida network has actually made people here think that the occupation forces are merciful and humane by comparison! (…)”

“Was it not you [Ansar al Islam] who used to say that the greatest action that Shaykh [Usama] Bin Laden could perform today would be to declare the disbanding of the Al-Qaida organization in Iraq, because it has fallen into disgrace and it has become a cover for anyone with twisted goals in order for them to achieve these goals through this infiltrated organization?”

THE IRAQI JIHAD UNION (Asaeb al-Iraq al-Jihadiya)
“To make things worse, alQaeda (ISI) dug up their bodies from the graves, further mutilated them, beheaded them, and showed them off from their vehicles while driving through the towns. [The ISI] even killed our men’s wives and children.”

Mishan al-Jabouri, the owner of Al Zawraa TV, which is a TV Station supporting the Iraqi Resistance, aired a laundry list of complaints against al Qaeda and its puppet Islamic State of Iraq. The grievances included:
• al Qaeda in Iraq has divided the Iraqi people, failed to protect the Sunnis and brought the Shia death squads down on the Sunnis by inciting sectarian violence through mass suicide attacks.
• The Islamic State of Iraq in Iraq wants the Sunni groups to “pledge allegiance” to leaders, ministers and emirs whose identities are unknown, including Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.
• Islamic State of Iraq has continued to conduct an extensive campaign of assassination against rival sheikhs, emirs and insurgent group leaders, and in many cases added insult to injury by failing to give the bodies back to the families. One of al-Jabouri’s own messengers was executed.
• The Islamic State of Iraq has no system of law or justice.
• Weapons and ammunition are being confiscated from insurgent groups that do not support the Islamic State.
• al Qaeda in Iraq is intentionally targeting members of the Iraqi Army and police forces, who al-Jabouri and other insurgents believe are acting in the best interest of Iraqis.
• The goal of the Islamic State of Iraq is to serve as a stepping stone to attack other nations, which endangers the Iraqi people.

combat the lies


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