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UEA Students Break the Occupation After 24 Hours

UEA Occupier | 12.02.2009 19:02 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Social Struggles

The students occupying one section of the Arts building on campus have peacefully ended their action, having seen their demands addressed by the University. This action was provisionally a success. Thankyou to everyone involved for their support.

We, the occupying students of UEA, declare the occupation ended as of tonight. The occupied zone in its entirety will be evacuated and restored to the condition it was in prior to the beginning of the occupation. This decision has not been an easy one: our demands have not, as of yet, been unconditionally met. However, our understanding of the current situation is that we will be very likely to gain the concession of our demands. Should this prove not to be the case, with us having agreed unanimously to accept a gentleman’s agreement with University authorities to consider our demands, we will once again begin a campaign of as yet undefined direct action.

The occupation is broken. We consider this a success. If our position as to the outcome of our action changes, we will take action again. Thankyou to everyone involved notably students, former students, academics, and members of the wider public, as well as campaign groups who supported out actions. A special thankyou also to the security staff who, for the duration of the 24 hour standoff were courteous and polite. We will inform everyone involved once the campaign has reached a full conclusion and the University has fulfilled our demands. If this does not happen to our satisfaction, action will start again.

In solidarity with the people of Palestine, the students of Gaza, and the students in the UK maintaining their occupations. Long live the Palestinian’s struggle! Long live student action! Long live the resistance!

UEA Occupier