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Around the Campaigns Thursday 12th February 2009

John O | 12.02.2009 08:06 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

Great news for all you lovely people - Pegah Emambakhsh is here to Stay
"We have just heard today that Pegah has finally been granted refugee status in the UK.  This is fantastic, wonderful, wonderful news and a great reward for all the hard work you all put in to ensure she was not sent back to Iran - so thank you, thank you, thank you.  Will be in touch again as soon as we have more details.  This  has been a long struggle but is a real vindication of what can be achieved when we all work together."

Love to all, Lesley, for Friends of Pegah Campaign

Background: Pegah Emambakhsh Must Stay!

Tony Lola and his mother Mireille Maswa
Tony Lola and his mother Mireille Maswa

Tony, Mireille and their community
Tony, Mireille and their community

Tony Lola and his mother Mireille Maswa residents of Manchester fled DR Congo and are seeking asylum in the UK.

On Tuesday 10th February at Dallas Court Enforcement Unit, they were interviewed by UKBA immigration officials. Many other UK/DR Congolese were there, all 'required to attend additional interviews to prepare travel documents in readiness for their 'removal' from the UK back to DRC. Tony returned to school at lunchtime Tuesday, and was met with wild excitement from his class mates in Year 5!

Online Petition: Let Tony Lola & his mum from DR Congo Stay!

Over Christmas 2005, Tony Lola, then aged 6, was being held in custody by police in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His parents had objected to the politics of the governing party. Soon after, Tony was released but because he was felt to be at risk, he was sent to join his mother, Mireille Maswa, who had fled the DRC in 2002.

Since his arrival, Tony has amazed and delighted those in the community he has joined at Didsbury CE Primary School and in the congregation at Emmanuel Church, Didsbury. He is fully integrated and participates with evident enthusiasm in his studies and activities at both the school and in the church. He shows real potential to develop his already impressive talents to the benefit of the whole community.

In 2007, his application for asylum was turned down by the Home Office as HM Government believe the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo does not pose a threat to Tony or Mireille.

He and Mireille, are now at risk of removal back to DR Congo.

We believe that this decision is against all sense of humanity and natural justice, and are calling on the Home Office to use their powers of discretion and allow Tony & Mireille to stay.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Home Secretary to reconsider their case and grant them permission to remain in the UK.

Tony and Mireille, dedicated web page

John O
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