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Preston UCLAN rooftop protest against BAE Systems

disobey! | 11.02.2009 23:59 | Anti-militarism | Education | Palestine

Disobey! & CAAT Day of Action rooftop protest over the University of Central Lancashire links with BAE systems.

Three protestors carrying a megaphone took to the roof of the Foster Building on the University of Central Lancashire's campus and released a banner, saying 'BAE SYSTEMS WAR MACHINE OUT OF EDUCATION ' and artwork of people being bombed from the sky at 12'00 on Wednesday. As well leaflets were given to students on the group.

They were from the 'disobey! direct action group and Preston Anarchists.

A UCLan spokesman said he believed they were protesting against research carried out by the university on behalf of BAE.

The leaflet given out also stated UCLan had money invested in the company through shares via a third-party fund manager.

Police arrived at the Foster building shortly after 1pm to remove the protestors from the roof.

Three people were arrested, were released and not charged; the university didn't want the media attention.

There is a video on local Lancashire Evening Post website.

This action called in solidarity to the people of Palestine, one of 19 campus protests across the country.

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