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HLS Electronic Sit In: Make Friday the 13 bad luck for HLS Affiliates

you | 05.02.2009 01:48 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

sit in

Friday, February 13, you are invited to join us on an Electronic Sit In against HLS collaborators. We will be targeting the website of HLS's auditors RMSBG and one of HLS's biggest customers Bayer.

This is the way it works. You set your browser to a certain page that continuously loads images on the target website. Our hope is if enough people do this, we will effectively deny legitimate users access to the website by tying up the websites bandwidth. There was an electronic sit in a couple of weeks ago against the same targets. The websites weren't shutdown but in the middle of the day, the website RMSBG was very slow. We didn't succeeded in shutting them down most likely because since someone was messing with our hosting services, we had to resort to hosting the action on hard to get to places such as Tor, and the filing sharing site, Bittorrent. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!

On Friday, February 13, there will be an article on,, and titled: Files for Electronic Sit In Against HLS TODAY!!.

Check that article out for the locations where our files are being hosted for the action.

If it is a file hosting site such as, download the file to your desktop and open it in your Internet browser, and just let it sit. If it is a file hosting site, just open the page and once you see the images loading, your good to go!!!

Lets send a message to RMSBG and Bayer: DROP THE PUPPY KILLERS AT HLS!!!!

***Many people in actions such as these go around their town to public computers, and get as many computers as possible to take part in this action. The more computers participating in the action, the more likely it is that we will SHUT THE BASTARDS DOWN!!!