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Wildcat strikes in Newark

Disgruntled worker | 03.02.2009 18:10 | Globalisation | Workers' Movements

The recent wave of wildcat strikes in the construction industry has sparked a walkout at Staythorpe power station in Newark. Workers walked out yesterday and are still on strike.

The action is in solidarity with workers at the Lindsey Oil Refinery in Lincolnshire who are protesting at the award of a £200m contract to Portuguese workers. There has been similar controversy at Staythorpe over the use of non-unionised Spanish workers.

A worker who was injured at a protest at Staythorpe last year, said "This should come as no surprise to anyone. The employers have deliberately and actively been looking for ways to exploit cheap labour while covering their eyes and ears to the growing rage of discontent and ignoring all the warning signs, it’s outrageous."

Disgruntled worker


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polish solidarity,uk jobs in uk,portugese in portugal,workers of world strike

04.02.2009 07:46

Heres to a strategic global strike for direct social & economic democracy!
When these strikes started polish workers came out in solidarity in the UK too, lets not let corporate spin split people again like they did during the 1980's.
Sod the bosses & the bnp, they only jump on to divide us.

Polish workers at Langage in Portsmouth are out with everyone else yesterday

Video of the BNP regional organiser getting booted way too politely off the picket lines by workers at LOR.

Notts Redskin

to clarify its langage Plymouth,has been blackout on polish solidarity

04.02.2009 12:26

which has happened since these strikes on these issues really started at power stations last year.
I double checked sources, a commenter mixed up his ply & port mouths on Libcom,easily done.
We need a IMC UK headline article on this, loads of people have fed latest upto date info on IMC here, please put up a mainstage article on Polish support to help break the media blackout & condemnation of BNP by many strikers.

These are good people, IMC can help stop the splitting being done by the BNP & some in the corporate media

Notts Redskin