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Today's wildcat strikes in the UK oil and now nuke business

KM | 02.02.2009 13:52 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Short list of today's actions taken by workers following on from last week's wildcat strikes to give some cheer to those who actually can see the wood for the trees.

• About 300 protesters gathered at the Lindsey refinery's terminal gates.

• Up to 500 contractors at the South Hook LNG terminal in Milford Haven, west Wales, downed tools for a second day

• Around 600 workers met in a car park at Sellafield, in Cumbria, to discuss industrial action and about 1,300 workers are believed to be taking part in a 24-hour stoppage at the plant.

• About 400 contractors at Longannet in Fifeshire voted to stay out for 24 hours, and to return for another meeting at 0730 GMT on Tuesday.

• Some 300 contractors at the Grangemouth oil refinery in central Scotland walked out but decided they would return to work on Tuesday.

• Around 200 construction workers at Fiddlers Ferry Power station near Warrington, Cheshire, have again downed tools, following similar action on Friday.

• About 150 contractors walked out at Drax Power Station, near Selby in North Yorkshire.

• The owners of Coryton oil refinery in Thurrock, Essex, said a number of workers had walked out.

All workers together against the bosses from Grangemouth to Milford Haven to Hackney to Mumbia to Los Angeles etc. It's not too difficult to understand. Look a bit deeper than the rhetoric and see the possibilities. Talk and debate, argue but be involved, be critical but always stand in solidarity!



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  1. strikes in hackney?! — hackney resident
  2. these strikes are not about solidarity, they are about protectionism. — one
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  4. oh well — ted