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BNP activists agitating at wildcat strikes

Nick 'the one eyed bed serpant' griffin | 30.01.2009 13:33 | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Workers' Movements | World

The BNP have been joining wildcat strikers according to news reports, the bnp will use any chance to spread their message of hate.

According to mainstrean news reports the BNP have been joining the energy workers wildcat strikes.
The fash will see this as a golden opportunity as the strikes are over the use of non-national labour to build a new oil refineries.

The union's are stating that the strike's aren't racist.

Nick 'the one eyed bed serpant' griffin


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The role of fascism

30.01.2009 14:28

While the BNP attempting to profit from these wildcat strikes can be seen as typical of the BNP's opportunism it also highlights the role that fascism plays in society. The BNP will no doubt be pushing a line that pits the domestic workers against migrant labour, EU workers versus each other, not in order to improve working conditions but in order to divide the workforce along national and racial lines in order to weaken solidarity between workers and dampen any chances of workers cooperating with each other to improve their condition and take control of their own lives.

Bruised Shins

Exploiting discontent

03.02.2009 22:24

So the BNP are accused of exploiting public discontent for political purposes. They get more like every other Party each day!

Art of War