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Update on law school occupation

manos (IMC Cambridge) | 29.01.2009 00:51 | University Occupations for Gaza | Education | Palestine | Repression | Cambridge

At about 9pm the university closed the doors of the occupation not
allowing anyone to go in any more. A statement from the university was
distributed inside stating that the occupiers were trespassing (but of
course no injunction -- therefore not making it an actual legal issue
yet.) A group of about 50 people were outside to show their
solidarity, including lots of people who had left the occupation to be
present at the CUSU (student union) meeting where motions relating to
the occupation were discussed.

The university authorities said that for the moment those present
within the law faculty will not be forcibly evicted, until tomorrow
morning at least. All are urged to write to their representatives
(MPs, councilors, union representatives) to drum up support for the
occupation and its demands. The only clear indication from those
inside the occupation is GAZA IS STILL THE ISSUE. So please do not
forget to mention the actual demands when showing solidarity, and
complaining about the treatment of free expression, association and

The struggle continues until the demands are met -- inside and outside
the occupation!

manos (IMC Cambridge)


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EXTRA! EXTRA! University holds civilian students hostage!

29.01.2009 01:06

If the Police did this (back in 2003 they tried it on at least once with antiwar activists), there would be a huge public uproar and demands for resignations from their board of directors for even considering such a course of action involving civilians.

I hope the wider media gets to know about this outrage.

Happy 800th indeed Cambridge University, nice to know you care about your fee paying students enough to lock them up.