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Eviction Threat at Cambridge Gaza Occupation

repost | 28.01.2009 22:05 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Cambridge

The following is from the Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Occupation at the Law Faculty...

Dear Friends,

the university authorities have issued a legal document threatening to exercise their legal rights to remove us from the building by 9 pm tonight. We would ask you to support our right to peaceful protest.

We have been in negotiations all day and have cooperated and compromised extensively. The university is being intimidatory and heavy handed.

We would ask you to support us by emailing the Vice-Chancellor -, by contacting MP for Cambridge David Howarth and by coming down at 9 pm. Please bring food.

This is an infringement of our right to peaceful protest and that is an issue we feel that all students should act on.

In hope and peace,

Cambridge Gaza Solidarity

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Henry David Thoreau

29.01.2009 00:58

"it is not governments that are the problem (or university authorities) its the people who protest and continue to obey" - HDT laid the context for effecacious proactive nonviolent solutions - so dont protest dont obey and be kind at all time (like it was your baby brother or sister at stake).

love to you all - missing your vibes of kindness for Gaza in this town (Southampton please follow suite).



when they come

29.01.2009 01:54

if you really don't wan to be moved on lock on to anything you can with bike d locks round yer necks that will throw a spanner in their works or if your not up for that make them physical remove you and in no way fight back just make it as hard as possible for them to move you and make them look like the complete twat rags they are.

and if you are evicted reoccupy the next day show them you will not back down you will not heed to their intimidation and you will never give up the strugle for justice in gaza.

.solidarity from manchester



29.01.2009 02:24

This is an interesting situation, seeing as the authorities are acting in regards to an occupation they feel is illegal, yet the occupation itself was inspired by another, much longer and bloody Occupation, which the same authorities do nothing about - which is why these activists have occupied these offices.

Zionist Extremism Key Impediment to Peace

Civil Disobedience

29.01.2009 12:01

"Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also in prison." -Thoreau

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Henry David Thoreau

29.01.2009 17:38

Dont listen to threats - transform them.

My point is to move past 'creative protest' (or creative negations) and move into creative nonprotest calm interventions, this means disobedience and rhizomic nonviolence - build on Thoreau and King.

"I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good. No other person has been more eloquent and passionate in getting this idea across than Henry David Thoreau. As a result of his writings and personal witness, we are the heirs of a legacy of creative protest." - Martin Luther King, Jr, Autobiography


In defence

29.01.2009 19:45

"From stepping out into the streets for the first time to demonstrate, to picking up a chair and barricading yourself into your university, to telling the world you're going to decommission an arms factory or war plane or settlement produce facility and doing it, we need to cross our own lines of fear, hesitation, and apprehension. We can push our movements forward, person by person, group by group, party by party, network by network, by crossing our lines and making sacrifices, small compared to the intensive blood letting, loss and devastation here."

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