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Rogue element in British intelligence accused of Sabotaging Omagh Inquiry

Waltzing Matilda | 27.01.2009 23:24 | Analysis | Repression

The former head of the inquiry into the Omagh bombing has claimed that elements within the intelligence services might have "effectively sabotaged" the investigation which failed to convict anyone for the worst atrocity of the Northern Ireland conflict, it emerged last night.

Omagh Inquiry 'Sabotage' Claim

Monday, January 26, 2009


The disclosure, in an email from Detective Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter, follows last week's publication of a report by the Intelligence Services Commissioner and appeal court judge, Sir Peter Gibson, into some of the circumstances surrounding the bombing.

The email was sent last summer to the BBC Panorama reporter John Ware after he told Baxter he believed GCHQ had been monitoring up to five mobiles linked to the bombing during the bomb run itself.

Ware said that in his email, Baxter wrote that intercepts "would have created immediate opportunities for executive police action to bring the culprits to justice, to search their homes and to recover vital evidence. This opportunity did not arise for many weeks and in the case of two key witnesses nine months."

Waltzing Matilda


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protest needed

27.01.2009 23:51

this needs to be protested about. Lambeth Bridge anyone?

edward scissorhands