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Bayer Day of Action in West London / Hampshire

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Monday, 26th January
HLS UK customers continue to have protests

Bayer HealthCare
Hunton House. Highbridge Estate. Oxford Road. Uxbridge. UB8 1HU
Activists arrived at Bayer in Uxbridge to a few very puzzled looking PCSO’s and some bloke from Bayer telling us that, as we had not informed Bayer that we were going to be there, we will all be arrested under his order, not so little man. We put him straight telling him we had done out bit informing the local cop shop and that if they hadn’t told Bayer it was their fault not ours. We couldn’t quite get to grips with the injunction at this place, it’s almost like we had applied for it to be enforced, okay we couldn’t use megaphones, but with a spot in a parking bay only yards from the building, who cares! We shouted and chanted letting everyone nearby know why we where there, one member of the public was disgusted to learn about Bayer, not only their links with HLS but also how they made money from the holocaust and in more recent years released drugs to treat haemophiliacs onto the market when they knew the product was infected by HIV. You’re a sick twisted company Bayer.

Bridge House, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1HS.
Just a quick demo at Xerox to let all the workers know about their companies ties to HLS; this was made so much easier as all the workers swarmed over the road to the pub walking right past us. We stayed for a bit letting everyone driving past know just what happens at HLS and how Xerox think it’s acceptable to make money out of the pain and misery inside HLS.

Bristol Myers Squibb
BMS House, Uxbridge Business Park, Sanderson Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1DH.
Security at the site seemed happy as always to see us, we let all cars passing know exactly what we thought of BMS and their filthy dealings with HLS. We will be back soon!

PDP Couriers
Apollo House, Plane Tree Cresent, Poplar Way, Felthambrook, SUNBURY, Middlesex TW13 9HX
PDP are one of the most important companies to HLS. We thought we would try out the new injunction. THANKS! It is great, we get to be right next to your company and let you know exactly what we think of you through our megaphones, also we get to let all your neighbours know exactly which company we are protesting against and why, and being normal people, not sadists, they where appalled at how you make your money. Until HLS close we will be on the doorsteps of companies who profit from the twisted work done behind the barb wire at HLS letting them know that if they deal with HLS they will have to deal with us.

Barclays in Basingstoke
We finished off the day by paying a visit to the large Barclays offices in Basingstoke in Hampshire, we had a quick but very lively demo infront of the main doors, and as our megaphones echoed we circled the building so all sides knew why we where there. See you soon.

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