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Bristol - Greece solidarity info & events

Solidarity info | 27.01.2009 11:53 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

After boiling over in December, the social war in Greece continues to simmer along with daily protests, strikes, occupations and other actions. Having been beaten off the streets in December, the Greek police returned in January with new stocks of more unpleasant tear gas (from either Germany or Israel), and a policy of teargassing and beating even the most non-violent protesters. But still protests continue…

DIY pamphlet available in Bristol
DIY pamphlet available in Bristol

Arrests in Greece now number over 300, however many more protesters have been picked up by police and taken to police stations before being released without charge. Here in Bristol, solidarity activists have arranged a number of upcoming events to raise funds for Greek defendants & prisoners, and to discuss the relevance of the Greek rebellion:

Saturday 14 February – benefit night at The Plough in Kilburn St, Easton, Bristol BS5 with bands and DJ’s – the Autonomads, Clayton Blizzard, and more details to follow. From 8pm, £4 suggested donation. This will be a split benefit for Greek defendants and for the Bristol EDO Decommisioners (see

Saturday 28 March – the Big Greek Benefit, at a central Bristol venue. Full details to follow.

Late March – a Greek info tour is being organised and should reach Bristol around this time, with speakers from Greece. More info

Available now – pamphlet on the Greek situation ‘How to organise an insurrection’. An interview by the Crimethinc ex-Workers collective, with activists from the Void network, Athens. Printed up by the Bristol anarchist bookfair collective and Bristol ABC Prisoner Support, available for £2 from the Kebele Infoshop. All proceeds to the Greek defendants fund. See

Prisoner support info – 31 January, from 11am to 2pm. Bristol ABC hosts the Kebele Saturday café and infoshop. Find out how you can support radical prisoners in Britain and abroad, such as the EDO Decommisioners on remand, the SHAC 7, and a long list of international activists. Get involved in fundraising efforts, letter writing and solidarity work, and find out about the new campaign against the proposed Titan prison building expansion programme. Bring a pen and write whilst you eat! See for info.

Info sources on events in Greece: - news on migrant workers struggles in Greece, including the acid attack on Bulgarian cleaning worker and union activist Konstantina Kurneva, and a further death of a migrant near the Athens Asylum police department. - news and analysis including the ongoing blockades of roads and borders by angry Greek farmers. - excellent account and interviews by a visitor to Thessaloniki in late December. - snippets on the social war in Greece.

Solidarity info


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27.01.2009 12:22

glad that u guys r doing samething in solidarity with the prisoners of the riots in greece ...well done guys !!! i wish that people in london was so active as u guys r ..all the best keep up with the good work !!! RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN @

gato loko

re: London events?

27.01.2009 14:40

You, may possibly be a little unfair on London - there was the info event at Ramparts last week about Greece. There may well be other events going on? If not, well you know the answer - DIY.

There is though the more central point regarding the general lack of solidarity from British anarchists, anti-capitalists even, with prisoners of social struggles overseas (with the exception of the animal rights movement, though that aint necessarily anti-capitalist, nor anarchist). We aren't that good at solidarity actions/fundraising for British prisoners, nevermind internationals. Why is this, do we have some inherent problem with defending our own when they are inside? Do we have a problem overcoming the cop in our head that says if they are inside they must be guilty? Lets face it the state of the anarchist based prisoner solidarity network is pitiful here, outside of the AR support networks and specific one-off campaigns. We have 3 small functioning ABC groups at present, and thats about it! We need to do better, because given the times we are entering, practical & physical solidarity is going to be needed.


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