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HLS Share Price At All Time Low : $7.41

smash hls | 24.01.2009 00:27 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

16th-23rd January: Huntingdon Life Sciences (NYSE:LSR) share price drops from $8.99 to $7.41, crashing another 17%, following the loss of 75% after reaching the peak of $36.45 back in September 2008.

Despite locking up 7 activists from SHAC uk for 50 years two days ago, HLS' share price returns to free fall. It took two months, but the value of vivisection is yet again dropping. It will most likely continue to do so in the following weeks, months and years to come... solidarity for the new SHAC 7!

Info about the uk SHAC 7
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smash hls


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Correction: Share price at new low, not at lowest

24.01.2009 13:28

It was at around a penny some years ago when HLS didn't have an exchange keeping them alive, but their share price is definitely the lowest since they re-joined the NYSE in December 2006.



24.01.2009 15:46

Couldn't happen to a nice bunch!! Cass seems to think all is now well, reading his latest winging in the press recently , but seems to me there are even more SHAC protests than ever and they are worldwide. All legal and people using their democratic right to protest! Wonder what new laws wil be brought in to try to stop that soon. Watch this space. Soon Burma will have more human rights than us!