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Letter from Shactivist/Veganarchist Prisoner Dan Wadham

Support Dan Wadham | 23.01.2009 20:36 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

a sincere note of thanks...

Since the arrests on May 1st 2007, I have lived a life in relative isolation from the animal rights community that has been my family since 2005. The list of bail conditions has been vast, prohibiting contact with many of my closest friends and restricting myself and others in terms of action, association and accommodation.

I just wanted to write this note as an expression of thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all of the friends, comrades and acquaintances who have helped me so generously throughout my time on bail, and in particular throughout the lengthy trial. Whether it has been a meal, a place to sleep, words of encouragement or the simple pleasure of your company.. you are all heros of unimaginable scale. It cannot be said enough how important prisoner/defendant solidarity is during times of heightened state repression, and you people - you all know who you are - are a testament to the strength of this community.

It also cannot be said enough how important it is that we respond to heightened state repression, with heightened action, heightened commitment and heightened determination to win. To all those still active in the struggle for freedom... I salute you.


Dan Wadham (WV9474), HMP Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester SO22 5DF

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23.01.2009 20:41

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