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Leeds Uni - The Occupation Continues!

Sedition | 23.01.2009 15:58 | University Occupations for Gaza | Free Spaces | Palestine | Workers' Movements | World

Join us!

We are still holding strong. More banners have been dropped (see photos) and leaflets have been handed out around the Union and Park Lane College.

The security say they will wait until Monday and reasess the situation. The University has come to us saying it will release a statement as soon as we leave the occupied building saying that the situation in the Middle East is indeed a tragedy and that it hopes some humanitarian and peaceful solution can be found. It will also be willing to talk about some of our other demands.

This is not enough! The statement manages to speak whilst saying nothing at all and we have no assurances that any of the demands we have made will be met.

The occupation continues...

We will be holding a meeting at 5.30pm today on "The Crisis in Gaza: Why we are occupying and why the ceasefire is not a solution."

We will also be holding a film showing at 8pm.

The building is secure and people can come and go as they please. We urge everyone to come along and join us! We expect many more arrivals tomorrow as workers finish for the weekend and the local demonstration occurs!

Leeds Occupation

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questions to the occupiers

23.01.2009 19:25

Hi, can someone from the occupation answer these questions please?

[1] Why have you chosen a corporate blog host to publicise your occupation?

[2] Having chosen a corporate blog host, why did you chose to disable anonymous comments so that only people who are happy to disclose their personal information to google (and therefore to the state) are able to ask questions there?

[3] One of your demands is "Open the books to show which companies that back the Israeli state the Uni is investing in and/or receiving funding from." Have you asked anyone at the University about this before demanding it? Is there no information in their public documents? Do you think they're hiding something, and if so why?

[4] This picture shows you're flying a banner that says the University is investing in arms for repressive regimes - please can you provide details?

Best of luck with your events this weekend, I hope it goes well

happy snapper


24.01.2009 11:31

Just read this on Leeds University's glossy, corporate and frankly depressing website:

'We invest our own resources in helping organisations turn university research into world-class products and services. From the invention of the Ultracane which helps blind and visually impaired people, to a spin-out company which provides expert services and new technologies for the biopharmaceutical, defence and healthcare sectors, we are at the forefront of innovation'.

Who are these defence sectors the University helps support?


resource from CAAT

25.01.2009 16:14

This may be helpful, but I assume the occupiers will have some more up-to-date information they can share?

Happy Snapper

Some answers from the occupiers

26.01.2009 00:28

1. Because it's the easiest and most popular blog to use.

2. Because I hadn't realised that. Changed it now.

3. No, you can request information about a specific company under the Freedom of Information Act but the books are not open and accessible.

4. We know that the university has, in the past invested large sums of money in arms-producing companies. It has however implemented a "socially responsible investment policy" ( which as you can see, doesn't really say anything clearer. We don't know basically, which is why we are asking for the books to be opened. What we do know is the Uni receives large amounts of funding from arm-producing companies, which obviously colours greatly the research done here.


Harmful to students

26.01.2009 18:13

I seriously do not understand university occupations. This will hamper the education of students who would usually support your views!


DO NOT feed the trolls.

27.01.2009 14:01

The building is open 24 hours to staff and students and it is proving a very effective method of connecting with people.

The Vice-chancellor hasn't said much though.... ;)