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BBC refuses to broadcast an appeal for Gaza.

Marshall McLuhan | 23.01.2009 14:10

It has been reported that establishment, pro Zionist, BBC has refused to broadcast an appeal for donations to provide humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza.

At times of conflict when people have suffered and continue to suffer it is usually the case that the BBC will broadcast a short appeal to request donations from members of the public.This is to fund humaniarian relief being supplied to relieve suffering.

There have been frequent appeals to provide reilef by organisations such as the Red Cross, Save the Children and DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee). There is a 46 year old agreement which has given a 2 minute slot to concerned parties in order to broadcast an appeal.

The BBC has decided that it would "prejudice" its impartiality in allowing the DEC to make a short appeal on behalf of the people of Gaza.

The reality is that the BBC is partial to one side, that of the Israelis as is quite clear fromthe news bulletins.

Marshall McLuhan


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call the bbc

23.01.2009 19:54

and tell them what you think of their cowardly and inhuman attitude to the suffering of palestinians in gaza:

03700 100 222

um rahel