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Ciba Vision subjected to another creative protest

SHAC | 23.01.2009 11:03 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | South Coast

SHAC is not a 9.00 - 5.00 job and in the early hours of Thursday January 22nd, activists from the South paid a early visit in the drizzling rain to Ciba Vision, Flanders Road, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire.

The banner drop took place over the dual carriageway that many of the Ciba workers who use that route to travel to work have to pass under to get to work.

The banner reading 'CIBA VISION PUPPY KILLERS. SHAC.NET' was left for everyone to know their dirty little secret. Novartis, you can pay for all the injunctions you want but we will just keep finding innovative ways to keep our protests against you alive and public. Severe your ties with HLS.

This action was carried out for the SHAC UK7

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