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Occupation of Manchester Metropolitan University in solidarity with Gaza

MMU Occupation | 22.01.2009 16:38 | University Occupations for Gaza | Free Spaces | Palestine

MMU Students are currently occupying lecture theatre 7 of the Geoffrey Manton building in solidarity with Gaza

MMU Students are currently in occupation of the Geoffrey Manton building. We are occupying the building in solidarity with the people of Gaza and to stand up to imperialism in the Middle East. We have issued a set of demands to the Vice-Chancellor (which will be posted here shortly), because we believe in delivering concrete solidarity for the people of Palestine.

Blog online soon...........

MMU Occupation
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incorrect URL - try instead

22.01.2009 23:34

We didn't go with the wordpress blog in the end, our blog is actually

Please can u update the article?

student in occupation
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Wrong e-mail as well

22.01.2009 23:47

Send your support to instead!

Student In Occupation


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23.01.2009 00:29

Much respect to you all and good luck. I am very annoyed that i could not join you today and will hopefully join you soon.

and pete i go to man met and would gladly have every building and every room occupied in promotion of this cause. To hell with walking from a to b being told by them up stairs when i can and cant protest where i can and cant go in the end it achieves nothing. Action like this will result in the demands being met and it will result in a positive outcome.


Sad News

24.01.2009 00:28

Sad to announced that this occupation ended around 5pm on Friday afternoon.

Mark Harrison

it may

24.01.2009 01:10

of ended but did you achieve any of your objectives?

if they are not its time to reoccupy