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Sussex university also occupied - Gaza

S | 20.01.2009 21:38 | University Occupations for Gaza

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European arrogance

21.01.2009 10:24

Bit late perhaps? And where were the same protest during the genocide in Darfur and the deliberate starvation in Zimbabwe? Again Sussex is trying to get into the news by pretending to really care about the Palestinians yet as well have seen so often in the past, as soon as their university career has ended, so does their so-called compassion. How often did we see support for the Palestinians only in order to get a foot in the student union or any other organisation. As a Lebanese I do not need to be defended by the Europeans who still believe we are too weak, I need support from the leaders in my region and they are awfully quiet as usual.


Keep it up

21.01.2009 10:43

Good work, keep it up. And just because the Israeli forces are leaving it does not mean an end to the occupation. Economical support for the arms trade and the Israeli government is best fought in the countries which provides the support -that is what people can do from here!

I am an ex Sussex student and am in contact on a weekly basis with the people we made contact with in Palestine while I was at uni. We work on constant projects all the time, although it might not be constantly publiciced. Of course I can not speak for everyone.

Good luck to the students.


"European arrogance" = neocon info war

21.01.2009 11:38

It´s a zionist / neocon spin argument to counter criticism of Israel with the argument that the anti war movement is ignorant of murder regimes in Africa. Truth is that neocons give fuck about Africans. They sell arms to authoritarian regimes all over the world without giving a damn about poverty of the countries´ population.

Also, who protested when US attacked Grenada, supplied arms to the Nicaraguan Contra, or when Thatcher and other European govs. supported right wing rebels and regimes the past 40 years. It was the same people who the neocons accuse of "European arrogance".

By the way, if it was ok for Nato to intervene in the Balkan wars with the argument that a "holocaust" is taking place and that Milosevoc is a Nazi, why is it not ok to equate Gaza to the Holocaust?


comment on De

21.01.2009 12:25

You are quick to classify me as a zionist or neo-con, that is interesting. I am a humanist who does care what happens to my region and your European inteference has caused nothing but misery in the region from your brutal colonisation to the holocaust forcing the Jews to flee. If you are a defender of human rights then you understand the brutal reality is not as simple as you all portray this conflict and certainly it seems interesting to call someone from the Middle East a neo-con but this illustrates the minimal understanding so many of you and in particular at Sussex university have of the region, it's sad to know