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SHAC Sentencing - watch this space

Pat | 19.01.2009 21:59 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

When the media erupts with the usual expected reactionary backlash against 'animal rights terrorists' remember that they harmed NO-ONE and compare their sentences with the 'caustic soda rape case'.

Three men have been jailed for raping a 16-year-old girl in an attack in which caustic soda was thrown on her. The girl, who has learning difficulties, was lured into a north London flat and repeatedly raped.

Rogel McMorris, 18, from Tottenham, north London, was jailed for nine years for rape and grievous bodily harm.

Jason Brew, 19, from Tottenham, was jailed for six years and Hector Muaimba, 20, from Walthamstow, was given eight years for rape and robbery.



Just a comparison

19.01.2009 22:59

I think that the point being made is that these men committed a horrific crime but will be out on the streets within a few years whilst, if previous cases are anything to go by, the animal rights campaigners are facing outrageous jail terms for actions taken by other 'persons unknown', who may (or may not) have done things without the defendants knowledge.

See analysis of the SHAC case at

Reply to above

The connection

19.01.2009 23:00

I think the point is supposed to be that the SHAC 7 are facing anything up to 14 years for running a campaign where others broke the law, whereas someone guilty of rape gets as little as 6 years.

We saw the same thing when the Newchurch lot appealed the length of their sentences - 12 years for running a campaign where someone else acted illegally, whilst on the same day a man got 3 years for kicking to death a pensioner who told him to stop urinating in the street.

It's in anticipation of the legal system once more treating protestors more severely than those who kill or seriously assault. It's in expectation of a general display of hypocrisy and double standards.

: )

Sentencing set for tomorrow

20.01.2009 00:16

The judge, Mr Justice Butterfield, said yesterday that he will not hand out the sentences to the activists until tomorrow morning [20th].

Judge Butterfield.... the new Judge Ross?



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What does this have to do with the SHAC trial?

19.01.2009 22:34

Absolutely nothing.


When is sentencing?

19.01.2009 23:13

Wasn't the sentencing supposed to be today? If it's tomorrow it won't make the news with Obama blanket coverage.


When making a comparison - please make it!

19.01.2009 23:43

......... otherwise it makes no sense to (sh)activists or the public ; )

Got your point now though, just wish it was made initially!!



19.01.2009 23:47

FREEDOM TO THE COMRADES .......SOLIDARITY now and always !!!!!!!!!! you cant forbide resistance


News ?

20.01.2009 16:34

16.30 hrs Tuesday, any news yet ?


any ...

20.01.2009 22:20

news yet? there must be some :(


4 to 11 years

21.01.2009 12:12

Animal rights campaigners jailed
Clockwise from top left: Nicholson, Selby, Wadham and Medd-Hal
Clockwise from top left: Nicholson, Selby, Wadham and Medd-Hall

Seven animal rights activists who blackmailed companies linked to an animal testing laboratory have been jailed for between four and 11 years.

They used paedophile smears, criminal damage and bomb hoaxes to intimidate companies associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire.

Heather Nicholson, Gerrah Selby, Daniel Wadham and Gavin Medd-Hall were found guilty of conspiracy to blackmail.

Gregg and Natasha Avery, of Hampshire, and Daniel Amos, admitted the charge.

Winchester Crown Court heard that during a six-year campaign members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) falsely claimed managers of the companies were paedophiles.

They also sent hoax bombs parcels and made threatening telephone calls to firms telling them to cut links with HLS.

One of the features of intimidation included sending used sanitary items in the post to the firms and daubing roads outside managers' homes with slogans such as "puppy killer".

Members of SHAC covered their faces during a raid

In pictures

Nicholson, 41, of Eversley, Hampshire, was jailed for 11 years, Gregg, 41, and Natasha, 39, Avery were sentenced to nine years each and Medd-Hall, 45, of Croydon, south London, was given an eight-year prison sentence.

Wadham, 21, of Bromley, south London, was jailed for five years while Selby, 20, of Chiswick, London, and Amos, 22, of no fixed address, were both sentenced to four years in prison.

Sentencing the activists, Mr Justice Butterfield called the campaign "urban terrorism" and a "relentless, sustained and merciless persecution" which had made the victims lives "a living hell".

The court heard the defendants were part of SHAC, which was based near Hook, Hampshire, and between 2001 and 2007 they targeted companies in the UK and Europe that either supplied or had secondary links with HLS.

It was told Nicholson, from Eversley in Hampshire, was a founder member of SHAC, who managed the "menacing" campaigns against the firms.

Another defendant, Trevor Holmes, 51, from Newcastle, had earlier been cleared.