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Earth First! Winter Moot - updates on agenda & more - 6-8th February 2009

reposter | 19.01.2009 11:29 | Climate Camp 2008 | Bio-technology | Ecology

[apologies for repost - IMC moderators haven't replied to repeated requests to promote date to top left of front page as per other gatherings]

The Earth First! Winter moot is an opportunity for people who feel affiliation with the ideas behind Earth First! to network, discuss and reflect on the ecological direct action movement and to plan for the future.

In contrast with the yearly EF! Summer Gathering, which is held outside for around five days, the winter moot is a shorter weekend meeting, inside, less aimed at skill sharing and more at looking where we are at as movement and where we want to be going.

A session is also reserved for discussing a UK mobilisation for the UN climate conference in Copenhagen late 2009. Earth First! is not an organisation, but a banner for non-hierarchical organising and the use of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants. Topics that have been raised include (Updated): - the Copenhagen climate summit with a number of people from Denmark coming over to talk about logistics, tactics and mobilisation - the G20 summit in London - Leave it in the ground / coal - GM - Rossport - Strengthening the EF network: communication and security, actionupdate and gatherings - Implications of the crisis - Climate and migration / eco-activism and Noborder networks There will be a Saving Iceland meeting on the Friday afternoon before the gathering. The agenda is open. Please contact the organizing collective (moot2009 AT know if you want to add anything, want to help with facilitation or have any other queries. You are welcome to use our PGP key below. Suggestion: read the activist security guide on There will be sleeping places arranged and food available at cost price from Friday evening. The program will start on Saturday at 10 AM. Please be on time. Venue: Cowley Club, 12 London Road. (Please do not contact the Cowley Club phone nr. with information requests). Click for directions Please help spread the word. Download poster (pdf, ca. 200kb) -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQGiBElnOnIRBACSrkPyc4FV5zp+O77E2DPd7Q05xnkLF/ieFFX8qT+X675nkDPO 2O9dBuykLLNTnSGk/sAL7lWFs2VzgPuy4xVGr0Xx4hgC32nfvmHa9k7Y5ILxrrks rWnV5cXUhJcHTZlfnbO2h3cFWp/g+RGD2PF0R5v4VvvGQ0YG0NbWe3NI3wCgorvP Iwpdxv9rByHcrJo0qeVIpy8D/1gcSPUvlhXfsOL8ORxM8cdFUWYINDRVxCbyVYI6 kPM+BPELx1G5NRGgGlyDOdxu6crcnQyYKxHIg3EDriDx8MHrLDB3NTG38stOL04H uYI3MVMxIgSJj5GvBk9ATnfPPg1yMKArNCZWbUt384lVKYrGYk2Hb9opdsqlDV8J Hog1A/9KG7EHB9Kg/QsiwA/lugI0P2QZ2Scb4B+mP26Npv462Sy4I7Jh+exrHEE/ vDKaFTUZnxaX2edaok4TZqGFlxeDynBLEB5nIxIRtKiWE+eOCVd4/RKB858JrPcQ e4tIgje7FmRLKiZcbCKB9cGqfEpNlb0amzYeESeHvEwQn1nvuLQxRUYhIFdpbnRl ciBNb290IDIwMDkgPG1vb3QyMDA5QGVhcnRoZmlyc3Qub3JnLnVrPohmBBMRAgAm BQJJZzpyAhsjBQkAQpWOBgsJCAcDAgQVAggDBBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQUP+boO4D RLgtqACfS59b03FkIn/AqSYt6ojLj5USysoAn3QLISEc7Z68UFyxbh6uaYpkypkD uQQNBElnOnIQEAC8YTWlxp2w0jqkckJx5SUQ285dDFGG9jyrJzWWrEDbMfIDVyAm oNgz/88UYBF8FDhWrKNrTlIhk626123e2aFvg6hTawAwObnjopgyQn6rJhe6H1t1 qQhVQZOlVUn87usvg86np7DRJN74S2kTEthUKFwjjAhXpvTCcMZSPkJqPqC11BLU K2Bi1ibZX8NVUJymHxpUTE6qAv+vXUNpZbE+wh1q8mD+funG5LLFaD+OIYWwfJoO W2nhCnuBfXpWGMAEh5iV48swGeRSlQPO6cHR6HfKsY5H+ywwjCkAOjrG91UO2GzM nVdpJqqE1KKo1NajQKvPWRmLNADaCyA6tChVjou/3m+clUErWaIuz5kDCgn1AFIv wCpumtV34cwU0a3pUN4iXZyQxf4ZPfqGoQhBofHASnqX3iBYjLUFJzdMm9iwsQd6 PGg3OhuK3Erc9C+kxo29VT8cYqGpAr1D+6cGol0XHZlMqIs0OrHC6I0qyO4SOr8y hfPaf8DrUVqYnclkTdCO4XdSEZFHTe8m4Bpoo5KqJQFAz6vT6Dl8jzY/uwG4zEaA Or/feVP4tO3NkQyCmk80DKwNvYbZjI70s0bDuHy+bUYA/3/yqM/R2KQODX7bYiBV ekXzxDMtzyi2/WrB6+OgfreRhWI3vY/dcjsqOaaV2mlToxMxE4BNxanzswADBQ// V7L3UzuNMzCL++BBsc24WbFAlHdkZzCyDg2nzApXRZJzkR0giOJcqji/CX2Xw2/H 9bH5ziyYNUKC1f0tWnqBQ8Wa2ooJbC9mvs/pQ0gM0aZoyZFePuc6BABvXLtIp4Wy w0RS33F7opcwPjUhZBlSQOJlTWID+e2D9sqcA9LvloEQw+851okaGLAoQiQmaZ3d 852i6yivoQow2fSfWcKszhOQn/nAPGvEr9jYPdXTV3FYklx6Pa9Fgd5we1vd2m8N wjxy8h5n7HQ8cG2jVguS659WxHDiA+fU6kbpFpmLf2vzI8a+yXRa5b0dAN8bDueW I3RQXrSoPMXHc1igioXpmMt7Hz5MVLFIhJZ5335gHVPY/3Ri+xs5b4p+4jYbnPUX jO+ODv/YqwqY4mGM0XrXIT9i23LnCHSfKj8yYpCc4hj7ZRq1swoROnscyk+PszU+ iJDqFvH3qHPq9H483hXDmx16PUZXq97e0LDCL6ToZTJt3tqTSXK+2w3+xb01BzOU +5v3U1lqgW3PXWW++PZ2ym1Lo8ueclO+ETU7Nlja+Zreza4hIdxV/hg+QHTJF+P+ KYoYGt2WqXHhwuoICYJQ+hphe0VrXmTd50yd54H+3/S8jyH8/we327FnijaaaJEW 603aNh9qKFvSmfxDax6xONvOZIeF/Gj7SrPDE/CdiAiITwQYEQIADwUCSWc6cgIb DAUJAEKVjgAKCRBQ/5ug7gNEuPHqAKCBVoPEDZyas3iHBpZkQmPVwqXl4gCeNO1a fJQuqeUdyjOQ7b5AgrYEnuQ= =DIGx -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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