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Yesturdays Torygraph frothing at the mouth over SHAC

Netcu Watch | 18.01.2009 12:58 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression

Apparently no animal at HLS is poisoned with anything other than lifesaving medication (none of which ever harms or kills people), anyone who is opposed to HLS is a sponger, hypocrite, anarchist and a coward, no animal is ever abused, blah, blah, blah....

Ok Brian was hit on the bonce and Gladys was disinterred from her grave we do not approve going on the information we have about either matter. If we give Brian the benifit of the doubt we cannot condone 3 men onto 1 unless it was a matter of self defence or the "victim" was abusing someone weaker and then minimal force and then restraint are most appropriate. We do not have the other side of the story, only what we see in the press so we have to trust Brian on this one.

On the other hand over the last decade violence against activists campaigning against HLS, Darley Oaks Farm, Regal rabbits and Shamrock farm have suffered far worse violence than Brian. An elderly man had his pelvis smashed by police as he sat on a grass verge at Shamrock, a midwife had her femur and face smashed by police on a demo against HLS, a plasterer had his arm broken by police at Shamrock, numerous activists had head injuries after attacks from pro vivisectionists at Darley Oaks all were unprovoked assaults. The police do not just break bones when they play lapdog to big pharma they sexually assault female activists by lewdly performing unlawful strip seaches and not allowing women to dress when raided in a roomful of men in riot gear, smash down doors and gut the content of homes for the most minor of reasons, they make many unlawful arrests often using extreme force, they lie compulsively and pass on information to private corporations about activists.Shac watch a pro HLS website recently published the home address of a couple who are entirely law abiding and have also indulged in anti transgender, mysogynistic rants. If the media wants to discuss violence then omitting over half the story is hardly justifiable.

HLS test things like artificial sweetener so once more why do so called reporters such as Andrew Alderson omit that fact? Probably something to do with the fact that a nation of dog lovers would be joining us at the gates of HLS tommorrow if they read that animals were tortured for such a pathetic, trivial reason and they would not show our restraint.

Apparently Brian has a SHAC T shirt with the acronym "Spongers, hypocrites, anarchists, cowards" on the back and good luck to him, those of us who oppose H (eartless),L(azy/itigative), S(coundrels) can live with it and it is harmless enough, after all accountants don't have much fun. We promise not to sue for "harassment".

As many probably know Brian was MD of Covance(another contract testing lab) at Harrogate before cominng to HLS to be the new broom to sweep away all the nasty bad workers who punched beagle puppies. However whilst he was at the helm at Covance an undercover investigator witnessed monkeys being abused by being hit and taunted whilst being forced to inhale noxious fumes. One monkey was so terrified that she screamed whenever a human came near her earning her the nickname "rape". This all happened on Brian's watch and although he probably was unaware of this surely if the SHAC 7 are deemed to be responsible for everything against HLS workers and are facing severe sentences for the actions of others, the same rules should apply to Brian et al?? Our intrepid reporter, Andrew could not be bothered to ask him.

Apparently the police only have 3/4 of the "worst" activists behind bars and there is talk of 20-25 more on their hitlist. If they mean by that any of us are going to be framed we will state here for the record that we have not, nor would we, nor have we encouraged others to hit people over the head, set fire to things, threatened people, dug up corpses, sent weird stuff (or any stuff not even nice letters) to vivisectors in the post, eaten any babies, given our souls to Satan or done anything the average person would consider to be criminal. They want us to shut up, stay indoors and consume stuff to make them rich, we refuse, we will speak out and if there are consequences we will face them as others have done in the past for some of the freedoms which until recently we enjoyed.

At the risk of boring everyone silly, conspiracy can apply to anyone the state does not like. An individual does not have to know about or approve of an offence committed by another individual who shares the same views to be charged with "conspiring" or have even glanced at the offender. The elephant in the room is that all political campaigners are at risk of imprisonment (for over a decade) if anyone does anything illegal who sympathisises with the cause for example Fathers 4 Justice who have been know to put manky fish through the letter boxes of lawyers...on a Friday hot weather.

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HLS looking for £30 million loan from British Bank

18.01.2009 15:45

Brian Cass, HLS CEO:

"In banking terms, we want to borrow one year's profit – about £30 million – from a British bank in order to expand the business still further..."

"Expanding", when your company is $90 million in debt already? What a joke!

Will a bank be stupid enough to lend, I hope not, otherwise paint and bricks will fly!

If they don't get this loan this year they will be fucked, as they need to pay back by 2011.

keep fighting

Interesting times

18.01.2009 18:07

I'm confused. If HLS are doing so well as they are then why are they wanting to move to the UK requiring a huge loan, banking facilities. Would any UK bank be stupid enough to want to get involved with pathetic, failing company like them in this economic crisis?


"Gladys was disinterred"....Really??

18.01.2009 20:01

I`ve seen no evidence to substantiate this. What I have seen is a whole load of claims that simply don`t stack up to scrutiny. The grave was just yards from several houses, whose upstairs windows had unrestricted views of the grave. How on earth do you go about digging a massive great hole without anyone waking up?

Surely the whole saga was an attempt by the state/police/Halls to stop the campaign and turn the general public against the AR movement. The high court of course eventually ruled that the demos could continue. Soon after this, Darley Oaks Farm closed down.

animal activist

Good point about Fathers For Justice

22.01.2009 15:23

....who still get away with home demos, climbing on the roofs of homes belonging to Cabinet Ministers, scale Buckingham Palace etc. Now, if WE did that.....

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