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Remembering Revolutionary Anarchist Harold H. Thompson, 1942-2008

Brighton ABC | 16.01.2009 12:56 | History | Repression | Social Struggles

The following was forwarded to us by Jerome White-Bey, who asked us to publicise this joint tribute to Harold H. Thompson and appeal for Jerome's legal fund.

Harold is gone, but definitely not forgotten! I knew Harold since 1996, predominately through letters at least once a month, and occasional phone calls several years ago. Harold is perhaps best remembered as a 'jail house lawyer' for the poor in prison, regardless of color, but NOT for racists. He was published twice in "Rev(olutionary) News", Chicago Il., 1996-97. Harold also wrote the revolutionary pamphlet of essays and poetry, "...They Will Never Get Us All", 1989. In it he says, "I am an anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, anti-sexist anarchist revolutionary of proud Irish heritage. I am also a vegetarian and strongly support the animal liberation movement. I stand for civil/human rights and will not break, bend nor be intimidated. I stand in solidarity with all people struggling against oppression but most particularly with my brothers and sisters in the anarchist movement." (p.3) Harold HATED capitalism too, just like me/us!

Harold's pamphlet contains the following items: "Introducing the author; Just another day in urban Amerikkka; The role of prisons in the scheme of capitalism; A promise; Who protects us from the protectors?; The cause; The importance of supporting prisoners; Caged; Business as usual; Anarchists and gun control in Amerikkka; Where there is a will; Sounds; Why are prisoners largely ignored by anti-fascists?; Tiocfaidh ar la! (Our day will come!); The Anarchist Black Cross; Support Harold H. Thompson." I/we only have 4 pamphlets left, but any organization or individual that contributes at least $100 U.S., cash only, to my mailing address below for the "Jerome White-Bey Legal Fund (Appeal)", will receive a free copy. I've agrees to act as Treasurer of this Legal Fund.

You may be asking, "Why was Harold in jail for over 30 years (dying of a heart attack in November, 2008)? "Justifiable homicide", in my/our viewpoint. For further details of his case see the website dedicated to him:

A few years ago, Harold was sneak attacked by a group/gang of AB (Aryan Brotherhood) cowards, for his anti-racist actions: he was beaten unconscious, and left with a mangeled left hand; Harold cheated death then. He slowly recovered at another prison, and continued his revolutionary anarchist activities!

Harold H. Thompson lives on in our revolutionary hearts and minds! Struggle to the international working-class' victory of real socialism!

Harold's revolutionary spirit and his revolutionary writings live on brightly! We were/are both 66. We both belonged to VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War), but at different times. We both struggled/struggle for a real Workers' Revolution internationally! STRUGGLE/FIGHT ON!

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this guy truly was an inspiration

17.01.2009 22:32

I heard about this guy a long while ago and never wrote to him, but read some articles of his over the years.

Despite the constant abuse from the prison establishment he stayed strong to his beliefs. If only there were more people like him in this world, it would truly be a better place.

Sad to hear of his demise but he achieved and sacrificed a lot more than most people before he went.

for @narchy!