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LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative Supports University Occupation

LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative Supports University Occupation | 15.01.2009 23:54 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast

The LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative supports the dozens of students who have undertaken an occupation of the Old Theatre at LSE in protest at the School's refusal to support the right to education for Palestinians.

Students entered the Old Theatre and sat down on the stage after the Students' Union passed a motion in support of their demands. A lecture continued as scheduled with the students on the stage.

The group want LSE Director, Howard Davies to issue a statement condemning the Israeli violence on Gaza.

We also support those students at SOAS who are also undertaking occupation in opposition to their universities silence on the violent ethnic cleansing being undertaken by the Israeli government and the ongoing denial of the Palestinian right to education.

We unconditionally support their actions and demands, and support the cause of peace based on equality and justice in the Middle East. We urge all students, staff and alumni to join their liberated social space.

You can follow the occupation at


Notes for Editors:

1. The aim of this Initiative is to demonstrate solidarity with Palestinian students, and empower those who are systematically denied of the opportunities to study at institutions where they would be able to fulfil their academic potential.

2. The Initiative aims to encourage all students, alumni, staff and academics connected with LSE to support Palestinians - politically, educationally and financially – by encouraging and supporting their application to the vast array of Masters degree programs that the LSE has to offer.

3. The London School of Economics Students' Union is officially twinned with Al-Najah University and recently voted to divest funds from those companies profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. The motion also called on LSE to respect human rights and follow suit in embracing a divestment agenda.

4. The LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative was founded by James Caspell and Ziyaad Lunat, two LSE alumni and activists who have long campaigned for the liberation of Palestine.


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LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative Supports University Occupation
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