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Report of rally in solidarity with the people of Palestine, with shoe throwing

Revolutionary Communist Group/Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! | 12.01.2009 11:37 | Palestine

Rally at Grey's Monument, Newcastle in solidarity with Palestine.
Held on 10th January 2009. 140 people attended and contributed to a variety of actions.

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On Saturday 10th January 2009 there was a diverse rally held at Grey's Monument in Newcastle in solidarity with Palestine. Around 140 people attended and was supported by Palestinian people living in Newcastle and lots of other individuals and groups including Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, the Women in Black and the University Mosque.

It was organised to ensure that as well as the national demonstration there was still local actions taking place, as the more pressure we apply on the racist British Labour Party around the country the more impact we will have.

There was a lot of things going on from shoe throwing at a target made up of pictures of 'The Real Terrorists' who support the racist, Zionist state, including Gordon Brown aka 'Colluder in Terror', George Bush aka 'Pay Master', Ehud Olmert aka 'Assassin' and a target of the British Labour Party with a rose dripping of blood. This was done to show peoples disrespect and anger at the leaders and that the Palestinian resistance is not terrorism.

There was also a silent vigil by the Women in Black holding placards, and an open mic which was used by a lot of different people, some of who had never spoken in public before. It was a really positive show of an open and democratic action where no one was censored, involving a lot of different people who support Palestine but don't all have the same analysis of the situation and the best action we can take.

A lot of people braved the cold and stayed for most of the rally, chanting and holding placards and banners giving messages of 'Victory to the Intifada!', 'End the Siege on Gaza!' and 'From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!'

There was a lady walking around waving the Israeli flag which angered a lot of people, and showed that there is support on the streets of Britain for the occupation of Palestine, which highlights the need for a sustained presence on the streets by supporters of Palestine and for a movement which recognises the right to self-determination and national liberation of Palestine.

It was a positive action but because it was at the Monument and not aimed at a specific target, ie supporter of Israel such as Marks and Spencer, it wasn't as angry and militant as it could have been.

Further actions were planned in an open organising meeting including:

Thursday 15th January, 6-8pm - Picket of Marks and Spencer on Northumberland Street, Newcastle

Saturday 17th January, - Rolling picket of companies that support Israel.
Meet at Grey's Monument at 12pm, we will then proceed up Northumberland street, stopping at and picketing companies such as Marks and Spencer, McDonalds, Star Bucks, Schuh, John Lewis and Lloyds TSB.

Sunday 18th January - Organising meeting - 6-8pm, Northumbria University Student's Union, Stage 2
To plan and discuss further action in solidarity with Palestine. Not hosted by any groups or individual, open to everyone, all ideas welcome.

There is also a facebook group which has the same aims as the organising meetings: Palestine Action Forum - North East England

This is an open organising forum for all groups and individuals in the North East of England who want to take action in solidarity with Palestine. On this forum all are welcome to share information about the many different events being organised. We are working on the basis that diversity of actions and perspectives is a strength for the movement. Everyone can choose to join and support the actions they wish, without us all having to agree with every action.

We hope this forum will be useful in coordinating our actions without limiting the freedom of different groups and individuals to take the action they see as necessary.

Revolutionary Communist Group/Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!
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