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Open invitation to the New Year National Climate Camp Gathering

Camp for Climate Action | 11.01.2009 12:50 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos


2008 saw the biggest Climate Camp to date and the most incredible array of direct action against climate change on record. But what does 2009 hold in store?

Regardless of whether you’ve been to a climate camp, all are welcome to come along to this exciting weekend gathering. We will be asking ourselves whether there should be another big summer event and, if so, what it should be. Already there have been many possibilities raised, ranging from another rural camp to a singular day of action. Other ideas include an urban convergence or a climate caravan. The gathering will also provide a forum to talk about other important issues concerning the climate camp movement.

Anyone is welcome to make a proposal for a summer event, or submit any agenda items you think are relevant for discussion. Please make your proposals detailed and precise as this will make the process a lot easier for facilitators and participants. Email your proposals to process [at] before the 15th January.
The Gathering will be held at the East Oxford Community Centre (just a short bus/cycle ride away from Oxford Train Station, see directions at Accommodation is provided, and there will be delicious vegan food during the gathering. For full details on the gathering practicalities go to

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