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Naming the Gaza Dead at ITT, formerly EDO/MBM, Brighton

Gaza mourner | 11.01.2009 09:48 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast

On Wednesday 21st January we will be naming the victims of Israeli massacres in Gaza outside ITT on Home Farm Rd, Brighton from 4-6.

Having the sole patent ITT, manufacture the ERU-151 (Ejector Release Unit) and ZRFAU (Zero Retention Force Arming Unit). Both are secretly incorporated within the bomb racks of the Israeli F16 aircraft currently pounding Gaza with murderous air strikes.

For the location of ITT on Home Farm Rd off the Lewes Rd visit:

Noise demos from 4-6 resumed last Wednesday with a group of 15-20 locals angry at ITT's complicity in the Gaza atrocities. There were around 10 police including one member of the Forward Intelligence Team. This same member was coincidentally also seen making notes at Brighton station on Saturday morning as locals gathered to board trains for the London Gaza demo.

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