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Day 15 sees 21 more dead - Israeli strikes target homes in the north, infrastruc | 10.01.2009 17:35 | Smash EDO | Palestine | Terror War | World

Gaza – Ma’an –Since midnight Saturday morning Israeli fire killed 21 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Most were killed in or near their homes.

The vast majority of deaths from Saturday were in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip, in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City and Jabaliya to the north.

In southern Gaza Israeli strikes targeted factories and industrial buildings, while homes were left relatively safe.

Medical officials put the overall toll in Gaza at 821 killed and more than 3500 injured.

North of Gaza City

Israeli artillery fire killed seven members of the Abed Rabu family in eastern Jabaliya Saturday afternoon. The family had ventured out of their home to buy food and was killed when an Israeli shell hit a small grocery shop.

Their bodies were taken to the Kamal Udwan Hospital in northern Gaza.

The dead were identified as: Randa Jamal Abed Rabu, 45, her son Sufyan Abed Rabu, 21, Mustafa Rebhi Hasan Abed Rabu, 17, Sami Muhammad Saleh Abed Rabu, 27, Samed Mahfuth Abed Rabu, 13, Yousri Mahmoud Abed Rabu,15, and Ramez Jamal Abed Rabu, 32.

Gaza City

In the Zaytoun neighborhood southeast of Gaza City, an Israeli shell hit the home of journalist Samir Khalifa. Khalifa said he and his family managed to escape alive though the house was completely burnt.

The home of journalist Ala Murtaji was shelled overnight on Friday. He was killed and his mother critically injured.

Two members of the Abu Al-Kheir family were killed when shells hit their house in the same neighborhood.

The Jawwhara media tower, home to more than 20 news agencies and production studios, was targeted late Friday night.

Central Gaza

Israeli warplanes bombed the home of Mahmoud Ashur in the Al-Bureij Refugee Camp, in central Gaza. A missile was also fired at a mosque in the camp. Several people were hospitalized but have not yet been identified.

An unspecified number of members of the Al-Balbisi family were killed in An-Nuseirat, in central Gaza.

Southern Gaza

Two houses in the city of Rafah were bombed, one of which was near a children’s hospital. In the second attack a man named Jihad As-Seimari was killed in his house by artillery fire. Three others were injured.

Earlier on Saturday, an Israeli rocket propelled grenade struck a factory east of Khan Younis, killing two security guards from the Astal family.

Also in Khan Younis, the Israeli army shelled a security compound and a civil defense building.

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