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Bristol - Gaza Marks & Spencers Solidarity Action

Bristol Free Gaza | 10.01.2009 12:26 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | World

Around 30 people took part in a protest in bristol city centre regarding Marks & Spencer's support of the Israeli State late this (saturday) morning.

Not Just a Protest..

As the rockets reign down on the Palestinian people, those of us who has been watching in horror and angry of the images and reports of the massacre of (predominantly) the civillian population, decided to take some action.

30 people entered the store and filled their trolleys with food, much of from "Israeli" (read occupied territories) origin. We then went to the check out, but instead of paying a few people started to inform the saturday shoppers loudly about the links between m & s and Israel and the on going bloodshed.

What was supposed to be a relatively peaceful action, was nearly escalted by the aggressive and over zealous security, who had one ofthe ranters in a head lock (and was detained) and threw at least three of the protesters out by their arms and legs. Fortunately, we managed to stay reasonably calm, and the situation wasn't escalated further.

Shopping Aisles were closed as it took tthe combined forces of broadmead security and Avon & Somersets "finest" a while to eject all of the protesters.

Briefly, the doors were blocked by a line of trolleys, and the protest was still continuing outside the store on broadmead when I left.

Bristol Free Gaza