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Climate Rush is hitting Heathrow and Manchester airport on the 12 January 2009

Iggy | 08.01.2009 13:49 | Climate Chaos | Culture | London

Hundreds of anti-aviation protesters are expected to give the government a nasty shock when they return to Parliament after their Winter Recess on Monday 12th January. Protesters from the environmental action group, 'The Climate Rush' will be holding a sit-down picnic at the Departures Gate of Terminal One in Heathrow Airport. The dinner will begin at 7pm sharp and is expected to last several hours. At the same time the Northern Climate Rush will hit Manchester Airport Terminal 3 (Domestic Departures).


'The Climate Rush' held their first protest last October. Taking their inspiration from the Suffragettes they mounted a 'rush' on Parliament. On Monday 13th October 2007 over 800 women, men and children, some in Edwardian costume, all with red climate sashes, rushed the Houses of Parliament. The doors were slammed shut, Parliament was forced to close for an hour and the shouts of 'Deeds not Words' was heard throughout the Palaces of Westminster. The Climate Rush has chosen its new target because the decision over whether Heathrow airport should expand is expected this week. The Climate Rush are hoping their dinner will give the government a clear idea of the level of action to expect if they make the wrong decision. Apart from dinner there will be acoustic sets and a new art collective called 'ARTPORT' will hope to transform Heathrow Airport into Heathrow Artport. This looks to be a creative claiming of Terminal One. *Related links* *Related articles* *Video and photos*

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